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Peace Maker

(Peaceforgers: Book Two)

Peace Maker cover: a silhouette wearing a hoodie and boots, carrying a boxy container in her left hand, stands in front of a mechanical tunnel segmented by rings of blue-ish light

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The next gripping chapter in the Peaceforgers trilogy

Ears still ringing from their last explosive attempt to save the world, Katja and her friends learn that the war is bigger and the future is darker than anyone realized. So much for life after Demo Day.

To counter a threat that’s more than just scattered mind control, they’ll have to stay in Seattle. They’ll have to stay in the fight. But maybe this time they can keep their battles in the digital realm. Maybe this time someone else can do all the meat space stuff. Either way, it’s time to regroup, research, resist. And when they do, they’ll learn what the enemy already knows:

There's more than one way to reprogram a human...

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(Prefer to avoid quite a lot of swearing? You want the Radio Edit!)

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