Just in case you've stumbled across me randomly, or if you haven't been here since before the design and content were updated, guess I should introduce myself. (Though I should also probably mention that this site doesn't get updated nearly often enough...but there's a design/content update in the works pending enough of a break in the other things I do...)

As you can guess by the title up there and the URL, I'm Amber Bird. I'm a rockstar, a geek, a writer and...well, mainly that. (In addition to the usual daughter/friend/aunt/etc.) If you found me due to music, writing, or geek stuff, you probably already know that I'm in a band called Varnish or that, beyond just loving geek things, I was on a Magic card and in some gaming books. The band, of course, is the one of those I think is most important.

Why the site? Once I started learning HTML, I just kind of wanted one. I enjoy coding the pages and, to be honest, felt like it was my own little stage. Prior to music, I enjoyed acting...So, yeah, a little stage appealed to me. And, now that I make music, seems like there are people curious about me. I like my privacy, but I'm willing to satisfy curiosity when it doesn't bump up against that. :)

At this point, you can find pictures, my blog, some of the aphorisms that guide my life, and old essay stuff from other sites. You can use the buttons under my face to check me out other places online. And, though I don't promise to satisfy every request, you can drop me a line and share your own aphorisms or let me know what you'd like to see.

About Me

In case I'm not yet written up in your favourite teen magazine, here are some exciting facts about me. (Though you should really drop me a note if you write for a magazine instead of just lazily pulling info and pictures off my site. I probably won't even bite if you're polite...Heh.)

  • I don't like questions that begin, "What's your favourite..." because I don't usually have favourites. But here are the few I do have. My favourite musician is David Bowie. My favourite band is a perpetual toss-up between Manic Street Preachers and Placebo (with a handful of other bands coming in second). And my favourite food is sushi. Ta da!
  • I like food. Oh my stars, do I like food...
  • I'm also a fan of scifi, video games, stars, things that glow in the dark, glitter, cats, and music (of course). (Really, I like lots of things, but that's what comes to mind just this instant.)
  • I maintained a ferret rescue for a number of years. It was quite an experience...
  • I have a general love of animals, with special love for cats (of course), ferrets, giraffes, black and white animals, and anything being cute.
  • On the other hand, I don't care for bugs. With the exception of being okay with butterflies, ladybirds (aka ladybugs), dragonflies, and some beetles.
  • In addition to my rockstar duties, I'm also a writer and actor. But music owns me in a serious way, and my passion determines where my time goes. Apologies to my other neglected talents...(Update: I did recently start brushing off writing again, so keep an eye out for notes about publications!)
  • I'm a poet and a philosopher, and I've got college degrees that prove it. Though, these days, that usually just means I write lyrics and I think too much...
  • I am oft accused of being a hippie based on my belief that love really is the answer, that organic food is the better choice, and that we ought to all be good to the earth and each other.
  • I'm a Capricorn (but don't believe in astrology) and this is starting to feel lame, so I'm going to stop. Heh.

So, that's bits and pieces about me. I'm sure you're enthralled. Heh. (And, yes, in case you're starting to wonder, I do spend an awful lot of time laughing at myself. In my head, I'm a funny, funny girl!)

Poke around the site, if you like. And, if not, maybe at least give my band a chance? I hear we're good....